EARTH SISTERS Fashion Editor - Tilly Bogle Make up & Hair - Brittany Sinclair Nail Artist - Veronika Herasymova Models Kassandra Gray - Plutino Group Lucrece - PUSH Management Images shot at GALVANIZE Studio. These images are my submission for the 2nd Brief set by Sophia Neophitou of 10 Magazine for the Fashion Photography MASTERED program. My story is about sisterhood, compassion and unity. My inspiration was the film Baraka by Ron Fricke which is one of my favorite movies. I particularly chose to focus on how costume, hair, make up and spirituality is depicted in the movie. There is an inclusive nature to it and celebrates the difference in form, and similarities in function. I began conceptualizing this project before the night of the Paris attacks. For a moment I was completely disheartened and continuing this course seemed frivolous and superficial while I thought of the violence and bloodshed in Beirut, Kenya, Syria. But photography and fashion are tools of communication. They express an identity, an attitude and an emotion. Fashion has a great influence in society and how we relate and react to each other. I want to dig deeper and represent the female spirit as an example of wisdom and nurture, one that embraces difference, makes a spiritual connection and is resilient despite all adversity. I want to celebrate the different cultures of the world, but especially those who don't get to participate in the fashion industry the way others do because they live in poverty and danger. I want to focus on these cultures because they have been appropriated and exploited and have not been admired with the same intensity and grandeur as cultures with power and wealth.

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